Thursday, 30 August 2018

Chemical Peel Treatment - What Conditions Do They Treat?

Are you bored with how your skin appears? Well, there are techniques to give it a new life. Your skin’s natural baby look can be back with techniques like chemical peels. It is a technique that can improve the appearance of your skin. A chemical solution is put on the skin. It causes the skin to exfoliate and later beef off. The new skin looks smooth and it is free from wrinkles. The new skin is more sensitive to the sun on a temporary basis.There are three types of chemical peel:
  1. Superficial peels- Superficial peel is designed to help smooth rough, dry skin, improve the texture of sun-damaged skin, and even out skin tone. The recovery is generally rapid and usually consists of minor flaking.
  2. Medium peel- Medium peels often contain higher levels stronger acids. Glycolic acid is put on the skin so as to penetrate the middle layers of skin. It removes damaged skin cells. This is good for pigmentation, scars, acne scars, wrinkles and uneven skin.
  3. Deep Peels-Deep peels produce the most dramatic results. This peel is recommended for treating wrinkles, scars, blemishes and, in some cases, precancerous skin lesions.
What must be done before considering a chemical peel?
It is always advisable to consult a dermatologist first before taking up the decision to try a chemical peel.
Chemical peel treatment is effective for:
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Acne Scars
  • Detaining
  • Fine Lines
  • Dull Skin
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Minor scarring
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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Beauty & Cosmetics Treatment: Look Younger without Surgery

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Look Younger without Surgery

Our skin connects us to the outside world. Not only is skin your body's protective covering, it is the first thing people notice when we meet them face to face. And because healthy skin is often viewed as evidence of a healthy body, we want it to look the very best it can.

Serving such an important role in how we view ourselves, skin should be properly protected, nourished and treated. But we all well know, that even with excellent care, our skin begins to show visible signs of aging such as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles and increased laxity as we grow older.

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Surgery is one of most obvious things a woman can do to protect the secret of her age. But for those of us who aren’t ready to take that step, there are alternatives.

1. Chemical Peels 

Chemical peels are a great way to look younger without going under the knife. Not only are they effective, there is one for everyone. You can choose a series of light peels with minimal down time or you can choose a mid-depth peel for impressive results when damage is severe. You skin care professional can help determine which peel is best for your skin.

2. Fillers 
Yes, these require a few injections but they are far from going under the knife. A skilled professional can do everything from removing fine lines to adding fullness to even reshaping your nose by simply using filler. There are different types of fillers ranging from hyaluronic acid based to collagen to synthetic polymer microspheres. Each type has its advantages and work best in specific areas. Your skin care professional can help you determine what you need.

3. Microdermabrasion 
Dubbed an “instant face lift,” this procedure involves spraying tiny grains to buff away signs of aging by triggering an injury response in the skin. This causes the body to react by replacing the skin that was stripped away with smoother, younger-looking skin. The procedure uses a specialized tool that both sprays the grains and cleans up the dead skin. Though you will likely see immediate results, six treatments performed 10 to 14 days apart are recommended for the best outcome. The procedure also reduces the size of pores and the skin’s oiliness.

4. Botox
Botox® is a one of the most popular anti-aging non-surgical treatments that involves injecting a diluted version of the botulinum toxin into muscles on the face. It works by blocking the signal that tells the muscles to contract or causing the skin around the eyes or forehead to wrinkle. Like many other anti-aging non-surgical treatments, Botox is painless and anesthesia is not used. Botox is administered using a fine needle to minimize discomfort. Results typically appear within two to four weeks and last between four to six months.

5. Fraxel 
Fraxel is a fractional laser that uses carbon dioxide (CO2) and can be used to treat everything from sun-damaged skin to wrinkles. The procedure involves small microthermal zones, similar to pixels, which encourage the growth of new skin. It typically takes anywhere from three to five treatments, spaced out over three to eight weeks. You will typically see results after a week, and they will usually last five to six months. Recovery time following this anti-aging non-surgical treatment is usually one to seven days. Your skin may look red and swollen immediately after your treatment.

6. ThermiRF 
ThermiRF® is a ground breaking technology for skin tightening, body contouring, rejuvenation. ThermiRF® is the first aesthetic technology that uses thermistor-regulated radio frequency energy to achieve the desired cosmetic results. ThermiRF® uses controlled thermal energy in two ways: micro-invasive RF (injectable RF) or topical RF, to targeted specific tissues. This allows for an array of treatment solutions for multiple problems with exceptional and long lasting results. ThermiRF® offers various usages:  ThermiTight®, ThermiSmooth®, ThermiRase®, ThermiDry® and ThermiVa®.

All of these alternatives are excellent ways to reach your anti-aging goals. In order to see optimal results, skin must be healthy.

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Friday, 18 May 2018

Most Popular Cosmetic Skin Treatments to Improve Aesthetic Appearance

A flawless and beautiful looking skin is a virtue that every woman strives to have and is also admired. The most important that reflects beauty is our skin. Women wear makeup to enhance the natural skin and have an elegant look.

However, as age grows there are some visible signs of ageing that start appearing in various parts of face. Similarly there might be acne scars that remain even after the acne is minimized. There are several other skin problems such as dark circles and hollows appearing under eyes, lost complexion of skin due to exposure to excess heat, dryness of sin and much more.

There are cosmetic treatments that help women to have a supple, plumped and even surface of skin removing various skin problems. These might be non-surgical processes or surgeries designed according to particular diagnosis of each patient.

  •        Botox treatment: In this procedure surgeons inject a small dosage of pure protein below the skin in the areas that might have lines and wrinkles. The injected dosage paralyzes the muscles as the signals between nerves and muscles would be nullified. Thus patients can get a plump skin and wrinkles would be removed.
  •          Filler Treatment: Surgeons inject dermal fillers in designed dosage as per amount of lines, wrinkles and overlying saggy skin on various parts of patient’s face. These fillers form sufficient volume and provide better contour to facial parts.
  •          Lip Augmentation: If patient’s lips are too small, surgeons inject fillers so that to gain a fuller look to lips. This procedure helps to increase the volume of lips and make them in proper proportion.

Skin treatment cost mainly depends on the procedure chosen, experience of surgeon, number of areas to be treated and location of clinic.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Dark Circles Treatment to Remove Them and to Have Younger Look

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Dark circles visible around eyes can be a sign of ageing or can be caused due to excess stress or heredity. This phenomenon causes an awkward and unnecessary older looks for women.
  • There are many cosmetic creams and facial creams and scrubs for reducing dark circles however their results may vary person to person.
  • There are some other laser treatments for gently removing the upper layer of skin to reduce dark coloring of this portion around the eyes.
  • Chemical peeling can be used for reducing under eye dark circles. This process can also reduce fine lines around eyes and signs remaining after a laser or light treatment can also be removed by chemical peeling.
  • After these treatments it is advised to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for lasting results.
  • Cosmetic surgery for dark circles treatment is known as blepharoplasty. This surgery also treats drooping and sagging skin, removal or displacement of fat deposits to reduce the baggy look around eyes especially on lower eyelids is also possible by this surgery.
  • This surgery is usually an outpatient procedure that is completed in some hours. Patients are administered anesthesia to avoid experience of any pain due to incisions and fat displacement during the surgery.
  • Dark circles treatment cost mainly depends on the amount of area to be treated, expertise of surgeon, anesthesia charges and some other costs.
  • The treatment for dark circles depends mainly on the reasons. Fighting and minimizing some allergies can also bring relief from dark circles in some cases.
  • Patients that face the problem of dark circles are advised to sleep keeping their head straight. This avoids flow of fluids pooling under the eyes.
  • Getting some additional sleep can also help reduce dark circles as this habit can release any mental stress much effectively.
  • Sometimes eye creams with retinol, Vitamin C, K and E can be effective for reducing dark circles.
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Friday, 9 March 2018

After the Chemical Peel Ten Recovery Tips

1.   Be gentle with your skin! Instead of using your usual washcloth for your face, try switching to something more gentle, like a baby washcloth or facial sponges. Your skin will be irritated, and the rough texture of your normal washcloth might be too much for it.

2.   Keep your outdoor activities to a minimum during your recovery. As the top layer of skin flakes and peels off, the new, vulnerable and immature cells below will become exposed to dangerous UV rays. Limit their time in the sun as much as you can.

3.   Make sure you wear sunscreen with a high SPF daily. Your skin will be hypersensitive to UV exposure because the tough, outer layer won’t be there to provide adequate protection. A good sunscreen protects your new skin from damage as it heals, regardless of the weather.

4.   Depending on how deep a peel you chose, your face may be a little red for a few days or weeks. Try using soothing products that contain chamomile, azulene, or sea whip. These ingredients can comfort the skin while reducing redness. If you’ve just had a light peel, that redness will be so mild that you’ll look more like you’re glowing, which is a good thing! In fact, some people love getting superficial peels just for this reason.

5.   Don't pick at flaking skin. The entire point of a chemical peel is to effectively “burn” off the dry and damaged surface layer of skin, revealing healthy, younger-looking cells beneath. To do this, that outer layer has to be shed. This is the most disliked part of the process, but it's best to be patient and allow it to happen on its own. Picking off dry and flaky skin when it's not ready to be shed can lead to scarring, unnecessary redness, and even hyper-pigmentation – a darkening of the skin.

6.   Be careful with your moisturizer. It's tempting to over-moisturize in an effort to compensate for post-peeling dryness. It's normal to want to apply a heavy moisturizer to help, but too much can prevent the skin from peeling off. The whole point of a chemical peel is to peel the skin, so let it do its thing. Over-moisturizing can lead to poor results and a longer recovery period.

7.   Don't exfoliate! It's best to just allow your skin to shed naturally through the recovery period. Using a facial scrub or acid will only irritate the new skin more, and can even lead to scarring.

8.   Use a gentle soap or cleanser to wash your face with, twice daily. This helps reduce oils on the skin, as well as removes bacteria and dead cells that build up over the course of your normal day. Don’t rub your skin too much while you wash.

9.   While your skin is peeling try your best to minimize your facial expressions. Moving the muscles in your face too much can cause the skin to crack before its ready, leading to poor results. This isn't the time to see a comedy or visit your dentist!

10.               If problems arise, like an unexpected irritation or a possible infection, call the office of your provider right away. You’ll want to resolve any complications as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your next appointment. This is especially important advice if you think you might be developing a cold sore on your lip.

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Benefits of Thermi Treatment

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Everyone wants a beautiful glowing skin for lifelong. But, after an age, the skin starts reducing the shine and glow, which you have in your younger age. When we get older, our skin starts losing the elasticity and smoothness as well. The loss of skin elasticity makes you older more even your actual age.

Who likes to look older than actual age? Of course, no one includes you as well. This is why the Thermitight treatment is in high demand in nowadays. The treatment is effective in proving smooth and silky skin to you without any surgery isn’t it amazing? Of course, it is. You will get the shine of your skin back and glow more as before.

There are some other benefits of opting Thermi treatments.

•    Assurance of Safety-

The thermi treatments including Thermismooth treatment and Thermiva treatment give you an assurance of safe results. You don’t need to take the headache of any damages because you are going to choose the reliable method for getting smooth skin.

•    Effective Results-

The thermi treatments provide the best results to all. This treatment takes 6-8 weeks for the final result. But, you can notice changes after a week. The best part is that you don’t need to go through from surgery to increase the elasticity of the skin.

•    Radiant skin-

In the result of this treatment, you will get the shiny, smooth skin for sure. This treatment makes your skin more glowing as before. And make you young than your age.

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Saturday, 23 December 2017

All You Need To Know About Botox Treatment

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Are you facing the sign of aging? Do you see the crow’s feet around your eyes? Do you notice the lines on your forehead? Well, all these signs are the starting of the aging process. Of course, no one wants to look older and these signs can make you feel bad and depressed. But, you can stop these signs and look younger than your age.

Yes, it is possible with the Botox treatment. This treatment allows you to hide all the sign of aging and get back the charm of appealing skin as well. The botox treatment has become a well-known method for stopping aging signs. But, still, people are unaware of the effects and benefits of this treatment.

If you are the also one who doesn't know about the botox treatment very well, then don’t worry. Here we have arranged a small introduction of this treatment and great benefits of this.

The reliable botox treatment clinic offers painless botox treatment for fairness, lips, eyebrow lift, wrinkles, etc. In the procedure, the injections are done in the area of the face, which is affected. The process is very simple and takes maximum 20 minutes. And, it also depends on the number of injections. These injections are able to remove the aging sign and you will see the best results of this treatment in 14 days. Besides, the botox treatment cost depends on the type of treatment, which you have selected for your skin.

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